E-commerce is on-line. E-Commerce is associated with online credit card transactions where the payment is made through website.

E-Commerce can be achieved in many ways and YallashSoft will advise you of the best method for your applications. Our experts can identify your e-commerce needs and determine whether you would be best served with a packaged solution, a customized application or something between. E-Commerce has brought about a global revolution in the way everyone conducts business. Whether its business-to-business, or business-to-consumer, the possibilities are endless. However, the Internet moves so fast that small and medium sized businesses can find it hard to navigate the waters of e-commerce with all the jargon and options before them. E-commerce has truly leveled the imaginary playing field, and today a small 3-person operation can conduct business in the same way that a large corporation can. The key lies in erecting the right systems and using the necessary platforms. The world of e-commerce has a hundred of  success stories, but what is failed to mention is the superior technology and right systems that supported the small players in this leap to stardom.